Peterborough MP invites Jewish group to help ‘lift city’s antisemitism shadow’

The MP for Peterborough has invited a leading Jewish group to the city to help lift its antisemitism “shadow”.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 4:58 am
MP for Peterborough Paul Bristow
MP for Peterborough Paul Bristow

Paul Bristow’s invitation to the Jewish Leadership Council - an umbrella network for dozens of Jewish organisations - comes after shocking levels of alleged antisemitism were highlighted over the past few days.

This includes Labour suspending 14 members, including seven of its councillors in Peterborough, over alleged antisemitism, while a Conservative election candidate has also apologised for previous posts which he acknowledged “echoed antisemitic tropes in ways I had not fully understood”.

The Peterborough Telegraph also revealed this week historic alleged antisemitic posts from a sitting Conservative councillor and two former party candidates, while instances of alleged antisemitism have been raised against a former Labour MP and former Labour council candidate.

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The JLC told the PT this week: “There seems to be a specific and identifiable problem of anti-Jewish racism in both main political parties in Peterborough – this needs to be stamped out.”

Responding to this, Conservative MP Mr Bristow said: “As Peterborough’s MP, I take the suspensions of councillors and candidates very seriously.

“The Jewish Leadership Council is right to say that ‘there is a specific and identifiable problem’ of antisemitism in our city’s politics.

“I have invited JLC representatives to come to Peterborough to meet me and address this problem directly. I hope that faith groups (including representatives from the Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community), councillors and the local political parties will participate in the meeting.

“We must lift this shadow over politics in our city. It is incumbent on all parties to improve understanding and tackle unacceptable actions, comments and behaviour.”