Peterborough councillors could be disciplined for behaviour outside of the Town Hall

Peterborough city councillors could face sanctions for misbehaviour outside of the Town Hall.

By Joel Lamy
Friday, 9th July 2021, 4:55 am

A revised Code of Conduct which is expected to be put in front of Full Council will apply to members whose actions relate to their role, wherever they may be.

The code, if approved, will cover “all forms of communication and interaction,” including: face-to-face meetings; online or telephone meetings; written, verbal and non-verbal communication; and electronic and social media communication, posts, statements and comments.

Members will be expected to “uphold high standards of conduct and show leadership at all times when acting as a councillor,” while the code will call on them to treat other councillors and members of the public with respect”.

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Peterborough Town Hall

Other requirements include councillors promising not to bully, harass or discriminate against any person, “particularly at Full Council meetings” which are notorious for their heated atmosphere.

Other noticeable statements which councillors will have to sign up to include:

. As a councillor I do not compromise, or attempt to compromise, the impartiality of anyone who works for, or on behalf of, the local authority.

. As a councillor I do not bring my role or local authority into disrepute.

. As a councillor I do not use, or attempt to use, my position improperly to the advantage or disadvantage of myself or anyone else.

The code has been revised by incorporating parts of the Local Government Association’s new model code.

It will be debated by the council’s Constitution and Ethics Committee on Wednesday which will decide whether to recommend its approval by Full Council.