PETERBOROUGH CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Conservatives continue dominance in Eye, Thorney and Newborough

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The Conservatives continue to hold all three seats in Eye, Thorney and Newborough after Richard Brown was re-elected.

He said: "I got the impression on the doorstep we would win comfortably so the result was no surprise to me.

Richard Brown (left) celebrates

Richard Brown (left) celebrates

"Trying to sort out the litter is a priority, but for the moment I'm just so excited by the result."


Richard Andrew BROWN (Conservative) - 1,252

Christian DEFEO (Labour and Co-operative) - 666

Layton Mark MILLS (UKIP) - 214

Michael ALEXANDER (Green) - 105

Callum ROBERTSON (Liberal Democrat) - 70

Turnout: 32.65%