Peterborough car parks, bowling greens and allotments could be sold to balance the books

Peterborough City Council is considering selling off dozens of its assets, including bowling greens, allotments and car parks - and Peterborough United’s London Road ground - in order to balance the budget.
Dickens Street Car ParkDickens Street Car Park
Dickens Street Car Park

The council had already confirmed it is looking at selling Peterborough United’s ABAX Stadium back to the football club - but a long list of other properties, including Orton Bowling Green, Dickens Street Car Park and three allotments could go on the market.

Members of the council’s Joint Scrutiny Committee discussed the plans in a report on the latest budget proposals at Tuesday’s meeting.

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Cllr David Seaton, cabinet member for resources, said: “The list is only indicative of assets that we are considering selling.”

But Labour Cllr Ed Murphy said: “Why are we considering selling these assets? It looks like a ‘Fire Sale’. While other councils are desperate to find more land for allotments and bowling greens, we’re selling ours off - its madness.

“Are we really in that much trouble that we have to flog off all these items... are we that short of cash? ”

Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald replied, and said: “Yes, Ed, we really are ‘that short of cash’, and you of all people should know why because it was the last Labour administration that put us here.

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“If you would just open your ears and listen you might learn something: Cllr Seaton has already said several times that the list is only indicative, not a ‘for sale’ or ‘sold’.”

Cllr Seaton added: “I have said the list is only indicative and it is just that. It is not a list of assets in the city with a ‘For Sale’ sign above them, so I don’t quite know why you have insisted on going ‘off on one’ like this.”