No explanation as Peterborough City Council chief finance officer steps away from job for unspecified time period

John HarrisonJohn Harrison
John Harrison
The chief finance officer at Peterborough City Council has stepped away from his job for an unspecified period of time, with no public explanation given.

John Harrison, the council’s corporate director for resources, is to be replaced on an interim basis, but there is no date for when he will return.

In the meantime, the council is looking to bring in an interim finance officer, with other senior managers taking on Mr Harrison’s responsibilities until he returns.

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The Peterborough Telegraph asked what the reason was for Mr Harrison stepping away from his role, and when he will return.

The response from a council spokeswoman was: “John Harrison, the council’s corporate director - resources, is currently away from the office until further notice.

“Interim arrangements have been put in place to ensure there is leadership and management in each of the areas that John is responsible for.”