How the Speaker of the House officially confirmed the end of Fiona Onasanya’s political career

John BercowJohn Bercow
John Bercow
Fiona Onasanya’s stint as Peterborough MP was brought to an end last night when the result of the Recall Petition was announced - and MPs were told of the news by Speaker of the House John Bercow.

Mr Bercow said: “Before I call the next speaker, I must advise the House that I have received notification from the petition officer for the constituency of Peterborough, in respect of the recall petition for Fiona Onasanya. The recall petition process for the constituency of Peterborough, established under the Recall of MPs Act 2015, closed today at 5 pm. As more than 10% of those eligible to sign the petition have done so, I advise the House that the petition was successful. Fiona Onasanya is no longer the Member for Peterborough, and the seat is accordingly vacant. She can therefore no longer participate in any parliamentary proceedings as a Member of Parliament. I shall cause the text of the notification to be published in the Votes and Proceedings and in the Official Report.”