Hope solution can be found for issues at collapsed Peterborough city centre street soon

Henry Penn Walk has been closed for more than a year after large holes appeared in the surface

There is hope work can start to repair a Peterborough city centre path soo – more than a year after it was closed when large holes appeared in the surface.

Henry Penn Walk, which runs alongside the River Nene next to Town Bridge, is currently inaccessible due to safety reasons.

There has been an ongoing dispute between the city council and Riverview House Freehold Ltd (RHFL) as to who owns the path and the holding wall – and therefore who is responsible for carrying out the repairs.

While that dispute is yet to be resolved, both sides now believe progress is being made – and work could start soon.

Paul Hook, from RHFL, said: “We are still waiting for confirmation from the Land Registry on who owns the path and wall. We believe we own it, but we need that confirmation.

"We have been expecting that news any day now for a number of months – but everything is taking much longer to sort out as people are still working from home.

"As soon as we get that confirmation, we can start to get a move on with it.

Holes have appeared in the footpath

"It will be a big job, but everyone is on the same page.

"I can’t say it would be a quick job, but everyone is working towards a solution. Everyone wants to get it sorted.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson said: "We can confirm that PCC owns the pathway in Henry Penn Walk. The area also includes a retaining wall, which is owned by Riverview House Freehold Ltd (RHFL). We are currently consulting with RHFL with a view to progressing necessary repair work."

The path has been closed for more than a year

The street was named after Peterborough bell maker Henry Penn, who ran a foundry near Lower Bridge Street more than 300 years.

Along with having the street named after him, there is a giant bell sculpture on Bridge Street. The underpass leading from Bridge Street to the Lido and the Crown Court is also named Foundry Walk in his honour.

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Henry Penn Walk in better days, in 2012