Get on with Brexit then sort Peterborough’s future!

Just get on with it! On Brexit - this is the message I hear loud and clear from people in Peterborough when I knock on doors across our city, writes Conservative parliamentary candidate for Peterborough Paul Bristow in our Speaker’s Corner column.

Sunday, 8th September 2019, 6:55 am
Boris Johnson on the Paul Bristow campaign trail at the Bretton Centre EMN-190531-152748009

People cannot believe that after three years MPs are still arguing the toss over Brexit.

We have a new Prime Minister who gets this. He has promised to get us out of the EU by October 31 no matter what.

He knows enough is enough. He wants to get back to talking about schools, hospitals and crime.

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But, unbelievably, MPs are trying to stop him. Corbyn and our Labour MP in Peterborough are trying to block Brexit anyway they can.

This is not about no deal or any other terminology: it’s about preventing the UK from leaving. Another delay is farcical and is the game of those like our Labour MP who has never wanted the UK to leave.

She thinks we in Peterborough don’t know best and wants to ignore our Brexit vote.

Boris Johnson wants to go to Europe with a full range of options open to him. That has to include the option of no deal.

Already he has got Germany and France open to the idea of changing the previous agreement. But what incentive do the EU have to move if they think MPs in the UK are going to do their job for them and block Brexit?

As a businessman, I know you always need the option to walk away in any negotiation to ensure you get the best deal.

We could be on for another election. Already in Peterborough we have voted four times this year - local elections, European elections, a recall vote to get rid of our last Labour MP who let us down, and then the by-election to choose her successor.

I can’t believe we may need to choose again. But this is what Corbyn and our MP, Lisa Forbes, are doing.

The latest votes mean MPs have taken control of government business, which is likely to result in a victory for Corbyn’s Brexit delay.

Boris will not accept this and hence a General Election could be inevitable.

I promise to the people of Peterborough that, should I become our city’s MP, I will support Boris Johnson to get Brexit done by October 31.

I will support efforts to get us back to talking schools, hospitals and crime. I have a plan for our city to tackle crime, congestion and fly-tipping.

The alternative is a Labour MP who is letting us down. She is voting to cause more Brexit delay. She is voting against 20,000 extra police officers, more money for our hospitals and extra funding for all our schools.

She is harming Peterborough’s future. These issues matter more than Brexit. Let’s get this done. Let’s be optimistic and positive. Let’s move forwards.