Everything you need to know about Peterborough City Council elections with 100 days to go

Voting takes place on May 2Voting takes place on May 2
Voting takes place on May 2
It is just 100 days until elections onto Peterborough City Council.

Voting on Thursday, May 2 could have a big impact on how your local services are run.

Here is everything you need to know about the elections.

Current balance of power

There are 60 seats on the council (two of which are currently unfilled).

Of those seats:

. 31 are held by the Conservatives

. 14 - Labour or Labour and Co-operative

. 7 - Liberal Democrats

. 3 - Werrington First

. 1 each for the Green Party, UKIP and Liberal Party.

How many seats are up for grabs?

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Roughly a third of the council is up for re-election every year for three years, with a break in the fourth year before the cycle repeats itself.

This year exactly 20 of the 60 seats are being contested.

Of those, the Conservatives are defending 10 seats, the Labour group six, Lib Dems two, UKIP one and Werrington First one.

Those seats include two (Park and East) which are now vacant after the resignations of Labour group members Richard Ferris and Matthew Mahabadi.

Could the balance of power change?

If the Conservatives were to suffer a net loss of two seats, the council would go to no overall control.

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However, in previous years where this has happened the Tories have had no problems getting their budget or any policies voted through, with other councillors either supporting them or abstaining.

If the Conservatives lost their majority and Labour and the Lib Dems were able to get close to 30 seats, in theory with the help of other opposition councillors they could get enough votes to form their own administration, but only if they could all come to an agreement.

Any big names up for re-election?

Five of the 20 seats up for grabs are currently held by members of the cabinet.

These are:

. Steve Allen - cabinet member for recreation (Eye, Thorney and Newborough)

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. Peter Hiller - cabinet member for growth, planning, housing and economic development (Glinton and Castor)

. Howard Fuller - cabinet adviser for commercial strategy and investments (Hargate & Hempsted)

. Sam Smith - cabinet member for children’s services (Ravensthorpe)

. Wayne Fitzgerald - deputy leader and cabinet member for integrated adult social care and health (West).

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Former cabinet members including Lucia Serluca (Fletton and Woodston), Gavin Elsey (Orton Longueville) and June Stokes (Orton Waterville) also have their terms as councillors coming to an end in May.

Former leader of the Labour group Mohammed Jamil is another who will have to be re-elected to keep his seat in Central ward, as will deputy mayoress Judy Fox (Werrington First) who currently represents Werrington.

Anything else to keep an eye out for?

If John Whitby stands in Fletton and Stanground and loses his seat, it would mean there would be no more UKIP representation on the council.

Who can I vote for?

The full list of candidates is normally announced in April and will be featured on the Peterborough Telegraph website.

Will there be voting in my ward?

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Below is the list of seats where residents can vote on May 2, and the name of the current councillor holding that seat:

. Bretton - Stuart Martin (Labour)

. Central - Mohammed Jamil (Labour & Co-op)

. Dogsthorpe - Bella Saltmarsh (Liberal Democrats)

. East - VACANT. Last held by Matthew Mahabadi (Labour & Co-op)

. Eye, Thorney & Newborough - Stephen Allen (Conservative)

. Fletton & Stanground - John Whitby (UKIP)

. Fletton & Woodston - Lucia Serluca (Conservative)

. Glinton & Castor - Peter Hiller (Conservative)

. Gunthorpe - Julia Davidson (Labour)

. Hampton Vale - Dave King (Conservative)

. Hargate & Hempsted - Howard Fuller (Conservative)

. North - Ansar Ali (Labour & Co-op)

. Orton Longueville - Gavin Elsey (Conservative)

. Orton Waterville - June Stokes (Conservative)

. Park - VACANT. Last held by Richard Ferris (Labour)

. Paston & Walton - Simon Barkham (Liberal Democrats)

. Ravensthorpe - Samantha Smith (Conservative)

. Stanground South - Brian Rush (Conservative)

. Werrington - Judy Fox (Werrington First)

. West - Wayne Fitzgerald (Conservative)