EU Referendum - Last word on remain from MEP Richard Howitt

Peterborough is a diverse and growing city, whose industry vastly benefits from Europe - meaning it's YOUR job and family income which are on the ballot paper today.

Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 9:12 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 10:42 am
Richard Howitt

Thomas Cook’s national HQ in our city employs more than a thousand people, whose chief said “uncertainty” and “risk” would follow if Britain left Europe.

Hundreds more work at DHL distribution in Fletton, another of 1,300 British companies who say it’s bad for their business in Britain leaves - and for local jobs.

I have helped Peterborough’s enterprise partnership attract £60million of EU funds for local business in the next five years. I’ve helped Peterborough Regional College benefit from EU-funded apprenticeships in local businesses.

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And just as all these companies prosper by being part of Europe, so does our country.

Every British family is £3,300 better off by being part of the EU. The truth is our NHS and your pension are more secure IN Europe, because the benefits of Europe pay us back much more than we put in.

Everyone knows the ‘Leave’ campaign has lied about the true cost and the number of laws made in Europe, and the truth too is pressures of immigration would INCREASE not decrease if we left the EU.

British border guards would be thrown out of France and Belgium, the Sangatte camp closed down and the agreement by which we deport illegal immigrants torn up.

I reject the UKIP leader who bad-mouthed our great city of Peterborough. Instead, as the city’s Euro MP, I will always celebrate the diversity of this city and promote good community relations.

So it is for Britain in Europe.

And Peterborough prides itself as an environmental city, benefitting from yet more European funds.

We ARE an independent country inside the EU and it is obvious that we best promote the British national interest over climate change and other international challenges by being part of Europe, not withdrawing from it. I know that these are things that matter to local people in Peterborough.

My father served in the RAF in the Second World War. My own children can look forward to lives of peace and prosperity - not marching off to war.

My parents’ generation fought for peace in Europe. I am fighting to keep it.

In a dangerous world, do not be complacent about peace

Young people in Peterborough today have not grown up facing the prospect of war and they overwhelmingly want to remain in the EU for their freedom, their careers and their life chances.

A vote to remain in the European Union makes us more prosperous, more secure and with more influence in the world.

Vote to remain in the European Union for you, your children, for Peterborough and for our country.