Peterborough residents angered by 'disgusting mess' as rubbish left littered across Eastfield Road

Another resident said that the area was becoming as “appalling slum.”

Residents in Peterborough have become increasingly concerned about the state of rubbish along Eastfield Road, close to the city centre.

One resident, Sarah Meek, described the situation as a “disgusting mess,” adding: “Do the council really think this is acceptable.

"Why should local residents have to put up with this disgusting mess on their street? Why aren't the owners/occupants of these premises being made to tidy this up?”

Fellow resident Richard Ferris said: “Eastfield Road is in an appalling state. The area is descending into an appalling slum. Truly shocking.”

In response, Peterborough City Council has said it will be working to resolve the issues but reminded residents that they can dispose of waste at the council’s household recycling centre in Fengate.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of issues concerning contamination and excess waste in the Eastfield Road area and will be working to resolve these with residents as soon as possible.

“We would like to remind residents that they can dispose of waste at our Household Recycling Centre in Fengate and advice on waste disposal can be found at”