Peterborough councillor leads calls for pay increase for local government workers

Picture: Monkey BusinessPicture: Monkey Business
Picture: Monkey Business
Cllr Ali has called for a pay increase for the council’s “public service superheroes.”

Councillor Imtiaz Ali, representative for Fletton and Woodston ward, has called for an increase in local government staff- funded by central government.

Cllr Ali has made the calls in a motion to be heard at Wednesday’s full council meeting (October 12).

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If passed the motion would call on the Call on the Local Government Association to make representations to central government to fund the National Joint Council’s (NJC) £2000 pay claim or for pay to rise in line with the Retail Price Index.

The council would also be required to write to the Chancellor and Secretary of State to call for a pay increase for local government workers to be funded with new money from central government and continue to meet with local NJC union representatives to negotiate towards an equitable pay review.

Cllr Ali has cited research by the UNISON union which states that, if the government were to fully fund the unions’ 2022 pay claim, around half of the money would be recouped thanks to increased tax revenue, reduced expenditure on benefits and tax credits, and increased consumer spending in the local economy.

The motion states: “Our workers are public service superheroes. They keep our communities clean and safe, look after those in need and keep our towns and cities running.

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Without the professionalism and dedication of our staff, the council services our residents rely on would not be deliverable.

Council and school workers kept our communities safe through the pandemic, often putting themselves at considerable risk as they work to protect public health, provide quality housing, ensure our children continue to be educated, and look after older and vulnerable people.

"Since 2010, the local government workforce has endured years of pay restraint and staff are now facing the worst cost of living crisis in a generation and many having to make impossible choices between food, heating and other essentials. This is a terrible situation for anyone to find themselves in.

“Local government workers deserve a proper real-terms pay increase. The government needs to take responsibility and fully fund this increase; it should not put the burden on local authorities whose funding has been cut to the bone and who were not offered adequate support through the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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