MP welcomes plans to bring Brexit Museum to Peterborough

Peterborough MP Paul Bristow has welcomed proposals to bring the Museum of Brexit to the city.
MP for Peterborough Paul Bristow. Photo: Ian Davidson.MP for Peterborough Paul Bristow. Photo: Ian Davidson.
MP for Peterborough Paul Bristow. Photo: Ian Davidson.

At the weekend the Daily Telegraph reported the two most likely locations for the planned attraction were either Peterborough or Boston, with an opening date scheduled for 2023.

Nearly 61 per cent of people who voted in Peterborough in the 2016 referendum voted to leave the EU, one of the highest scores in the country. In Boston more than 75 per cent of people who voted in the referendum did so to vote leave.

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Speaking to the Peterborough Telegraph, Mr Bristow said he would welcome the museum and the opportunities it would bring to the city.

He said; “Peterborough is absolutely the right place for a Museum of Brexit. This is not because Peterborough had a strong leave vote, but due to our fantastic location, transport links, and the fact the City Centre is on the up.

“I have been to a few places with the those behind the idea of a museum, trying to secure a location. These have included a few City Centre locations including part of the old Fifth Avenue building.

“A museum will be good for Peterborough, bringing in tourists and money.

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“It would be wrong to think that this will just be a place that glorifies Brexit or the 2016 vote. It should archive material related to Britain’s relationship with, and membership of, the European Economic Community and then the EU.

“Moreover, I want to see an exhibit that details the history of the Eurosceptic movement.

“I am sure it will contain material form both sides of the Brexit argument, and be a very important place for those interested in the politics of Brexit to study and to learn.”