Motion to tackle noise from fireworks unanimously passed by Peterborough City Council

A motion put forward to tackle the anti-social noise caused by fireworks has been passed by Peterborough City Council.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 3:30 pm
Fireworks have become a nuisance in Peterborough.

The motion was put forward by Ravensthorpe Ward Councillor Ed Murphy for consideration at Wednesday’s (November 10) full council meeting and was passed unanimously by members.

As well as proposing a series of educational campaigns about firework safety and preventing their misuse, the motion asked the council to write to the government to encourage a change in firework standards to reduce the maximum decibel levels from 120db to 90db. It also asked the council to present a case to central government to prevent Category F3 (known as display fireworks, intended for use in large open spaces such as fields) from being sold to anyone other than event organisers.

Presenting his motion, Cllr Murphy said: “I’ve written to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office on behalf of residents and continue to correspond with them and have been assured that the police have taken some action.

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“It’s particularly the noise that is the nuisance and is anti-social. Only this week, there was a petition to parliament and there is in the new year a private members bill that might address this.

“They don’t actually provide a lot to private displays, the noise. It’s the lights, the designs and the colours. If we could do something on the noise, I think that would be a significant improvement to the current situation and will be of particular help to improving animal welfare and other issues.

“I would also like to thank the police for taking action against a group of people that were driving around and setting fireworks outside people’s homes late at night.”

Seconding the motion, Cllr Chris Harper said: “I think this issue is getting worse. I would never support a ban on fireworks but the issue with noise is a problem. It seems to be a challenge to firework manufacturers to see how loud you can get that thunderclap to happen. “What tends to be forgotten is the effect this can have on people the heroes that have thought on the warfront for us, people with PTSD, nervous dispositions and people are badly affected by bangs. There is a way around it, what I would like to see done is that we drive towards low noise or no noise and tighten up on when you can do it.”