Budget reaction: Peterborough Labour leader criticises ‘aggressive cuts’

Peterborough City Council’s Labour leader Shaz Nawaz gives his group’s reaction to Peterborough City Council’s phase two budget plans...
Labour group leader Cllr Shaz Nawaz.Labour group leader Cllr Shaz Nawaz.
Labour group leader Cllr Shaz Nawaz.

Phase two of the budget is a culmination of aggressive cuts from successive Conservative governments alongside the inability of the Conservative Administration in Peterborough to manage change effectively.

The situation clearly demonstrates the fiscal ineptitude of the Conversative Administration alongside a clear lack of vision and understanding of the long-term dire consequences of the proposed cuts.

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Peterborough residents are once again picking up the tab for the mistakes and mismanagement of finances by the Conservatives.

Alongside this, there are concerning proposed budget cuts to key area such as Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Culture and Leisure among a host of other services.

Year-on-year residents are forced to pay more but in return get less for their money such as fewer libraries that are open for a limited number of hours, reduced road cleansing, less help for people who need necessary support, the list goes on.

Much of what is being proposed could have been avoided by making the right decisions at the right time. The proposed cuts are a direct result of kicking the can down the road and now we’re literally facing bankruptcy.

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As recently as the last full council meeting in January, so deluded are this Administration that they continue to talk about “21 years of growth & prosperity”: most people would expect to see improvements as a result of growth and prosperity, not year-on-year of relentless cuts.

Two years ago the then Cabinet member for finance had to go cap in hand to MHCLG to ask for support.

Peterborough was one of only a few councils in the country who they agreed to help because they had nowhere else to turn and this was described as being “ahead of the game”.

I’m sure most residents would see this as being in dire straits.

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Our city is being subjected to a slow and painful death, with services being decimated, underinvestment in many of the poorer areas of the City and the most vulnerable in society being hit the hardest.

Peterborough is a wonderful place which can be made better with proper care and attention.

This can be done, but this needs a fresh approach, and unfortunately, this will not come from the Conservatives.