Council 'considering options' on how to tackle pigeon poo problem

Authority not revealing what options are being explored

By Stephen Briggs
Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 4:00 pm
Pigeon poo has been highlighted as a problem in Peterborough city centre
Pigeon poo has been highlighted as a problem in Peterborough city centre

Peterborough City Council have said they are considering a number of options in a bid to keep the city centre clean after a Peterborough Telegraph reader described the pigeon situation as ‘a disgrace.’

In a letter to the Peterborough Telegraph, Trudy May called for pigeons to be culled, saying: “I walked in town from Bridge Street and I was absolutely horrified at the disgusting state of the streets.

"It’s absolutely disgusting that this can be left for people to walk into.

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“Bird poo is being walked on then in and out of the shops and up and down the streets. This can cause serious diseases, such as Salmonella, Cryptococcus, Psittacosis and Histoplasmosis. These are very harmful to humans when breathed in.

"Do Peterborough Environmental Health Team really want to be responsible to harming its citizens’ health?

“The pigeons need culling as they have got completely out of hand and our streets seriously need disinfection.”

A number of people agreed with Trudy.

Commenting on the Peterborough Telegraph Facebook page, Maruta White said: “I agree. Totally Disgusting. Birds poops everywhere. Dangerous to sit on bench because they are covered with poo and good chance to get one on head.”

Nick England added: "The whole of Cathedral Square needs jet washing, especially filthy around the benches. It might look a bit more inviting afterwards.”

However, not everyone agreed – with some saying other issues in the city centre, including litter and people spitting, needed to be tackled first.

Now Peterborough City Council are looking at ways to keep Bridge Street clean – but they have not revealed what options are being explored..

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson, said: "We are currently exploring a number of options aimed at making the Bridge Street area cleaner and more inviting for people who live or visit our city.”

When asked what options were being explored, the spokesperson said ‘it was too early to give further details.’ The spokesperson added that areas around benches in Bridge Street, Long Causeway and Cathedral Square are cleaned every morning from Monday to Friday.

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