Campaigners call for end of Festival of Hunting at Peterborough debate

Protester says idea of hosting festival is ‘illogical’

By Stephen Briggs
Monday, 20th June 2022, 12:26 pm
The panel at the debate
The panel at the debate

Protesters labelled the idea of hosting a Festival of Hunting in Peterborough ‘illogical’ at a debate held in Peterborough.

Leading animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports has condemned plans to push ahead with the national Festival of Hunting, which is set to be held next month at the East of England Arena.

Chris Luffingham, director of external affairs at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Enough is enough. We are calling on politicians to condemn the squalid Festival of Hunting and to strengthen the Hunting Act and finally stop the immense suffering of wildlife at the hands of these degenerate and barbaric hunts.”

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The League’s event at The Bull Hotel took place on Friday.

Dominic Dyer, policy adviser at the Born Free Foundation, said: “Foxhunting is an increasingly politically toxic activity which should be consigned to the history books.

“Despite the failure of the Government to strengthen the Hunting Act, this will remain a key issue of concern for all candidates at the next election.”

Kate Stephenson, author, wildlife blogger and conservationist, said: “The combination of public opinion being so strongly in favour of strengthening the Hunting Act, alongside the known element of trail hunting being a smokescreen for illegal activity makes the idea of hosting such a festival in Peterborough seem completely illogical and out of touch.”

A series of the country’s largest landowners, including the National Trust, have now banned trail hunting on their land, with the Lake District National Park Authority being the most recent body to take this important step.