Pick up a personlised plate in Peterborough at huge auction

From showing people who is boss on the road to personalising a Porsche, motorists will get the chance to pick up a special number plate at an auction in Peterborough.

Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:01 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 4:01 pm
Personalised plates will be on sale

The sale starts on Wednesday at The Haycock Hotel in Wansford with a number of desirable plates up for grabs over three days.

One of the number plates on offer will be CEO 805S (CEO BOSS) - expected to grab the attention of business leaders - while P911 HOT could be motoring into the garage of a Porsche 911 enthusiast. Both plates have a reserve of £250.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Senior Sales Manager, said: “There’s no doubting CEO 805S is a superb personalised registration for any Chief Executive Officer and we are confident it will generate interest from far and wide. That said, it is just one of 1,250 registrations hand selected to for all tastes for this final live auction of the year.

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“Our research has revealed in the past that a large number of personalised registrations are bought as gifts and, with Christmas fast approaching, buying a personalised registration for a loved one could be a solution to that annual conundrum we all face as to what to buy a loved one.”

There are a range of themed offerings available at the auction Abba fans will also be vying for their own tribute act as A88 BBA (£250) is among the early lots being offered. As with every DVLA auction, there’s a whole host of personalised registrations related to popular names including EMM 45S (£300), CO17 EEN (£400), JOE 2S (£350), RH14 ANA (£400) and TE11 RRY (£400).

There’s a large breadth of personalised registrations directly correlating to sports cars including FER 182S (£250) which would perfectly sit on the latest Ferrari 812 Superfast. LAM 80W (£300) is aimed at Lamborghini owners. Morgan enthusiasts will be attracted to MOG 805S (£250).

Doors open to the auction at 8am on November 21, November 22 and November 23.

The first day will include plates beginning A-G, the second day H-O, and the final day P-Y.

Some of the other number plates on offer include:

1992 A (reserve £2,500), ADE 5X (£350), A885 URD (£250), BMW 535D (£250), BUD 911E (£250), CAP 761N (£250), CAS 7T (£350), COR 555A (£250), 911 CPR (£1,200), DO66 ETT (£700), DOG 991E (£250), DOT 1T (£500), DUL 6Y (£350), EDD 31E (£300), FR11 OST (£400), F348 RED (£250), F457 GRL (£250), 247 GP (£2,200), HO11 NDA (£400), HOG 805S (£250), JUS 745K (£250), K111 MBO (£250), LE11 MON (£400), 1 LLH (£1,200), L457 LAP (£250), MRS 100K (£250), 571 NGH (£1,200), NUR 511E (£250), 34 O (£2,500), OAR 5S (£350), OBR 114N (£250), OLD 70Y (£300), OMY 905H (£250), OUT 501D (£250), PAM 111E (£250), PRO 805S (£250), RO55 WHO (£400), SEW 11T (£300), S712 RUP (£250), THE 834R (£250), TU12 RBO (£400), T411 LAD (£250), VER 171E (£250), V155 UAL (£250), 1929 WO (£1,500), XCU 5E (£350), XTR 44A (£300), YOU IT (£500), Y355 DAD (£250).

Millions of other personalised registrations can also be viewed at DVLA’s Personalised Registrations Official website, www.dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk