Petition launched to stop 'ridiculous' eviction of 74 families in Peterborough to use their homes to house the homeless

The petition launched on Change.orgThe petition launched on
The petition launched on
A petition has been launched to stop 74 households being evicted from their home in St Michael's Gate, Parnwell so the properties can be used as temporary accommodation.

The petition was launched by Leah Robb after the Peterborough Telegraph carried the story of Kash Hizol, his partner and their 27-month-old daughter, last night, just one of the families facing eviction by property firm Stef and Philips.

The firm are now signing a deal with Peterborough City Council for the empty properties to be used as overnight accommodation for families without a home.

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Following the story Leah Robb started an online petition on to stop the evictions with the intention of delivering the document, which already has 125 signatures overnight, To Peterborough City Council Leader John Holdich, Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson, Peterborough City Council CEO Gillian Beasley and councillor Darren Fower.

After the story broke on our website, people took to social media to make their feelings clear.

Pauline Woodhams said: “PCC.. you should all be ashamed of yourselves ... Not only are you adding to the homeless figures but you’re paying for the privilege of doing so !!!

“Are you under the misconception that by putting homeless families in these houses that that’s the end of it ?? Wake up !!!

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“You will have to re home the people you are making homeless, you will increase your bill because not only are you paying for bedsits etc but you will now have these houses to pay for too .. And you are dividing communities causing distress and pain to families that were doing just fine till you got involved..!!!

“Start spending less on stupid schemes i.e. Bourges Boulevard rusty bits of metal !! And start building homes for the people born in the city and those choosing to make Peterborough their home !! Disgusted.”

Jean Kerr said: “Am I missing something here. These people will be homeless once evicted. The properties are to be used for homeless people. Just move them straight back in, on a temporary basis of course.”

Carol Campbell said: “I am having trouble understanding this, tenants , some of many years standing are being made homeless so that the council can put homeless people in their homes. I know we are often called Pottyborough but this really is ridiculous.”

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Philip Cumberland said: “So they are evicting people from their homes in order that these homes can then be used for housing homeless people. The lunatics are running the asylum.”

Cassie Kelly said: “There are loads of empty buildings around that they could use, the old job centre for one, it is totally moronic to make families homeless to provide shelter for the homeless, who actually thinks up these plans? Where are the families being evicted supposed to go?”