Peterborough politicians pitch for your vote - in the space of a tweet

Last year's local election count in PeterboroughLast year's local election count in Peterborough
Last year's local election count in Peterborough
Next Thursday Peterborough residents go to the polls to elect 20 city councillors.

The city council has 60 seats, with the Conservatives currently holding 31 of them.

Due to funding cuts in Peterborough (and elsewhere) councillors need to be able to keep a tight budget.

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And for this week’s PT we asked the political parties and sole independent candidate to be equally thrifty by putting forward their case in no more than 280 characters (the same space as a tweet) as to why people should vote for them.

Here are the responses.

John Holdich, Conservative leader of the council

We’re the party with the skills and experience to lead Peterborough through these testing times. We agree, nationally Brexit’s a mess but locally we’re delivering for you. We don’t write cheques we can’t cash unlike socialist Labour. Conservative councillors #putPeterboroughfirst.

Shaz Nawaz, leader of the Labour group

The Conservatives have run Peterborough for more than 18 years. They are out of energy, ideas, and reasons for continuance. Vote for positive change: Labour has policies to address the housing crisis and to build the local economy. Vote for a better Peterborough. Vote Labour.

Nick Sandford, leader of the Liberal Democrat group

Liberal Democrats want to do politics better in Peterborough. Lib Dem councillors work all year round not just at election times. With a Lib Dem candidate in every ward, you can vote for a more open and responsive council that prioritises your area and the issues you care about.

Julie Howell, Green city councillor

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Green candidates put community and the environment at the heart of all we do. It’s clear that this is what the people of Peterborough want from their local representatives. Tribal politics is over. It’s time to pull together for the benefit of our beautiful and unique city.

John Whitby, UKIP city councillor

UKIP isn’t Left or Right wing, despite the media stories. UKIP is for personal liberty and common sense, see our manifesto at

We have just one political ideology – To do the right thing for the UK and it’s people, and locally, the best for Peterborough and it’s residents.

Judy Fox, Werrington First candidate for Werrington

I was elected in 2004 and have since then been putting Werrington First and will continue to do so, if Werrington allows me.

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Mary Herdman, SDP candidate in Eye, Thorney & Newborough

People should vote for me to fight for funding to be allocated to the villages of Eye, Thorney and Newborough. Vote for me and I will send shockwaves through the City Council, the voice of the villagers will be heard and I will fight for the funding that we deserve.

Jack Penny, Our Nation candidate in Fletton & Woodston

The reason why constituents of Fletton and Woodston should vote for me is because I’ve lived in this constituency for my entire life. I understand the issues and problems facing the area and living here my whole life I have a passion to improve the area and to get things done.

Colin Hargreaves, independent candidate in Dogsthorpe

Despite frustrations with democracy being disrespected, disengaging is the worse choice for us. Your choice is, mainstream party candidates, ultimately controlled by political agenda, or an active independent local, community led by you? Change is possible if you vote for it.

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Alex Savage, Veterans’ and People’s Party candidate in Dogsthorpe

As a community resident and pub manager in the town centre, I believe I’m in a good position to listen to what local people want. I am committed to building and protecting a free and open society by involving those very people that are part of it.