Peterborough Christmas Messages 2019: ‘Let us pray and work together for a prosperous 2020’

Abdul Choudhuri EMN-160228-123552009Abdul Choudhuri EMN-160228-123552009
Abdul Choudhuri EMN-160228-123552009
Abdul Choudhuri, Chairman of the Joint Mosques Council, Peterborough

I am delighted to send Christmas greetings on behalf of the Muslim communities of Peterborough to all Christians people in Peterborough and elsewhere and wish all of them Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.

It is worth noting that all Muslims believe in Prophet Jesus peace be upon him as Prophet of God- You cannot be a Muslim unless you believe in all Prophets - Jesus , Moses, Ibrahim and others.

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Only a few weeks ago Muslims around the world- were commemorating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him- Muslim population around the world is 1.5 billion which is the second largest religion after Christianity.

Under the banner of Joint Mosques Council Muslims of Peterborough commemorated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him on 30th of November at the Faizan e Madinah Mosque which was attended by several hundred people among them many local dignitaries.

The main theme of the seminar was the "Last Message of the Prophet" peace be upon him and women’s rights in Islam. The message is very simple that Islam is religion of peace, love kindness, harmonious relationship to all mankind, respect for your parents, elders, your neighbours and even to be kind to animals. Terrorism , radicalisation and evilness of any kind either by individuals or by Governments has no place in Islam.

Muslims of Peterborough are consistently spreading this message through their various programmes- Mosques open days, seminars, conferences- throughout the year to have better understanding and cohesion among all people.

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It is indeed very sad to see millions of people around the world suffering due to wars, internal strife who have no homes, no shelter no food and no love ones left to care for them due to no fault of their own.

Even in Peterborough there are many people who are depending on food banks and have no proper shelter over their heads.

Let us remember all those people who are starving around the world while we will be enjoying variety of food at Christmas.

Let us send a very strong message at Christmas time from two of the biggest religion in the world- Christianity and Islam-representing approx 4 billion people to have love and not hate, peace and not war, food and shelter not bombs and rockets. This is the proper way of celebrating the Christmas and follow the teachings of our beloved Prophets. Let us pray and work together for a prosperous 2020.