Yet more misery for Peterborough residents at the hands of car cruisers as prioritise other incidents

Residents in Peterborough have once again suffered at the hands of loud car meetings in Peterborough this weekend (August 7) as Police were unable to respond.

Police attend a previous car meet at Pleasure Fair Meadow car park at which there were no isuues.
Police attend a previous car meet at Pleasure Fair Meadow car park at which there were no isuues.

On Saturday, residents in Orton Southgate complained of being kept awake by loud car engines and screeching tyres coming from both the nearby Orton Southgate Industrial Estate and around Stapledon Road.

This has been an ongoing issue, with residents insisting they have to put up with this kind of anti-social behaviour every weekend.

Last month, Orton Waterville Councillor Cllr Julie Howell said she was left feeling ‘let down’ by police after she told them a large meet was taking place but the decision was taken not to plan a police presence.

In the end, it was estimated that over 300 cars attended the event, severely disturbing neighbours.

One resident said: “There was really bad drifting in Orton Southgate on Saturday and we are still having to put up with it. It is so frustrating because it feels like the police are doing nothing.

“I have so many recordings of what we now have to live with every weekend.”

Another added: “Yet another night of street racing. We keep on hearing the same old thing but nothing is changing.”

Police have confirmed that calls were received about this but due to the seriousness of other incidents they were attending to at the same time, they were unable to attend.

Inspector Karl Secker said: “Car cruises are an historic issue in the city. We are part of a task and finish group that is led by a local councillor which aims to reduce the harm coming to communities caused by this behaviour, but also find ways of allowing lawful and mutually beneficial ways to support those groups who cause no harm and provide a safe opportunity to share their hobby with like-minded people, without resorting to using their cars in an anti-social manner.

“As a Constabulary, we may not be able to attend immediately due to the number and type of incidents we are dealing with at the time of the report, but reports are looked at by our teams and are therefore improving our intelligence around the issue.

“The easing of lockdown has seen calls returning, and sometimes surpassing their pre-COVID-19 rates, therefore we have to make difficult decisions around what we prioritise based on the threat, harm and risk of the incidents which we are being asked to attend at that time.”