Who remembers Peterborough city centre’s interactive map?

Today I have some scenes from the late 1970s I captured for you in Cathedral Square, write columnist Chris Porsz, the Paramedic Paparazzo..

Saturday, 4th May 2019, 11:51 am
Chris Porsz column - Cathedral Square in the 1970s.

Who remembers the interactive map at the back of St John’s Church? It lit up and proved very popular with the children - including these three in the main photo.

I wonder who they were? I imagine they are all in their fifties now and no doubt with children or grandchildren of their own. Sadly the map is long gone.

It was an image that missed my Reunions book but would be great to track them down.

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Chris Porsz column - Cathedral Square in the 1970s.

And who was the kindly looking Salvation Army man in the second photo - I am sure church members somewhere will know. Get in touch via my website www.chrisporsz.com,