Voi Technology’s electric bikes for hire service goes back on the road in Peterborough

Peterborough’s electric bikes for hire service has been re-launched after a six months absence.

Staff from Voi e-bikes at their re-launch at St John's Square.
Staff from Voi e-bikes at their re-launch at St John's Square.

Operator Voi Technology put its e-bikes service back on the city’s roads at a ceremony in the city centre.

Forty e-bikes will be stationed in groups at various locations around the city and are accessible via payment through an app on a mobile phone.

The service, which was launched at the start of last year and featured 129 e-bikes, was suspended last October after a spate of vandalism that caused thousands of pounds of damage to the bikes.

The re-launch of e-bikes in Peterborough.

Voi says it has used the last six months to develop a ‘fix’ for the issue surrounding the vandalism.

The re-launch ceremony was attended by Dr Nik Johnson, the Mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority which is a partner in the e-bikes service along with Peterborough City Council.

Dr Johnson said: “Having e-bikes back in Peterborough is fantastic news for the city.

“Peterborough residents have very much missed the convenience and enjoyment that the trial has brought to their daily journeys, and so I am very glad to see them back with enhanced security.”

It is estimated that during its brief operation last year, the service helped people commute, shop or enjoy the outdoors with nearly 10,000 rides and 21,000 miles peddled in total.

It has has also helped replace about 4,000 short car journeys and prevented an estimated three tonnes of C02 from entering the atmosphere, as more people began leaving their cars at home.

Dr Johnson said: “The e-bikes give people that extra push that we all sometimes need to move more and drive less. Also, as an ultra-low emission travel alternative to the car, they are an easy way to decrease your carbon footprint.

“The Combined Authority is committed to supporting transport schemes that have public health, safety and environment at their core. E-bikes are a forward-thinking answer to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in city centres.”

Matthew Pencharz, UK’s Head of Public Policy at Voi, said: “We’re delighted to be back on the streets of Peterborough.

“We’re asking riders to enjoy e-bikes as an active, affordable and convenient way to get around town.”