VIDEO: Watch as Amazon delivery driver rescues ducklings trapped in road drain

Youngsters are safely reunited with their mother

By Paul Grinnell
Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 7:00 pm

An Amazon delivery driver from Peterborough arrived in prime time to save a brood of ducklings trapped deep in a road drain.

Claudiu Badea (28) was amazed when he found eight tiny ducklings swimming in the water more than one foot down a road drain as he carried out his deliveries.

He had been alerted to their plight by the ducklings’ anxious mother who could only waddle around as her young swam round in the small pool of water in the drain but trapped by the heavy metal grill.

Amazon delivery driver Claudiu Badea rescued ducklings from a storm drain while on his delivery round.

It is not clear how the ducklings came to be in the drain in Green Street, March, but when Claudiu saw their plight he wasted no time in lifting the drain cover.

He rolled up his sleeve, reached down into the drain and carefully lifted the youngsters out in handfuls of one and two before reuniting them with their mother.

Once she had checked her young were all present and none the worse for their ordeal, the family waddled away.

Afterwards, Claudiu said: “I was just glad I could lift the drain and set the ducklings free, it was a great moment to see them waddling back to mum and along the street.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We’re really proud of Claudiu and it’s lovely to see drivers going above and beyond.”

And if you are wondering, Claudiu, who is from Romania, was saying in the video: “Look what I am doing in the UK, bro… I am saving ducklings.

And at the end, he tells the ducklings: “Off to your mom!”

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