Put Peterborough Market in empty Beales store - LETTER

As I walked into Peterborough city centre on Saturday for no good reason other than for my permitted exercise and to see how the demolition of the Northminster car park was coming along I had a sudden thought.
Beales in WestgateBeales in Westgate
Beales in Westgate

Bear with me......

The area around Bayard Plaza and the car park site is going to be residential and the Solstice site will be student accommodation eventually.

Where will the Market go? I have it - my sudden thought...the empty Beales.

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Not only is this a fantastic building it’s in a great location and ripe to contribute to the regeneration of that particular area.

I can envision fruit and veg and other foodstuffs on the ground floor with cafes and upstairs material ,clothing and bags etc.

There could also be space for small stall holders who want to tryout a new business.

Durham has an iconic indoor market in the centre of town which is always buzzing and of course not affected by wind, rain and snow.

So come on Peterborough City Council go for it!

Judy Jones

Cecil Road