Police and public commended for bravery at ceremony in Cambridgeshire

Police officers, staff and a member of the public have been commended for acts of bravery, determined investigations and outstanding achievements.

Friday, 17th September 2021, 4:33 pm
Emily McKeever- Senior analyst in the tri-force Professional Standards Department.

A Chief Constable’s Commendations and Long Service Ceremony took place on Monday (September 13) afternoon and heard stories of extraordinary courage and resolve, not only by officers but also a member of the public.

In a socially-distanced ceremony at police headquarters in Huntingdon, Chief Constable Nick Dean praised those who had shown ‘outstanding commitment, perseverance and bravery’.

He said: “This afternoon is about celebrating the loyalty and dedication you have shown to the organisation, whether you’re collecting a long service award or are being commended for your actions - going that extra mile is something I am, and indeed you should be, enormously proud of.

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PC Alice Ward.

“My thanks also go to your family and friends who have supported you as you do great work for the people of Cambridgeshire - something which is often overlooked. And while they can’t be here with us in person, I am sure they are all immensely proud.

“As we present these awards to our officers, staff and members of the public, it is overwhelming to read the stories of outstanding commitment, perseverance and bravery in difficult and challenging circumstances.

“You have dedicated your time to ensure people’s safety, put your own lives at risk to help someone in need and gone above and beyond for the people of Cambridgeshire – and to each and every one of you, I say thank you.”

The Police Long Service awards were presented by Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire Benjamyn Damazer to 22 officers and five staff members who have each served 20 years or more within the force.

T/DC Craig Trevor.

Mr Dean then presented the British Association for Women in Policing Award, alongside his own and Judges’ commendations.

Full list of commendations and acts of bravery:

Emily Mckeever - Police staff member of the year

As a senior analyst in the tri-force Professional Standards Department, Emily played a key role in moving the anti-corruption unit from “requiring improvement” from inspectors, to a “good” and almost “outstanding” rating.

DC Louisa Abbott.

This achievement would not have been accomplished without the work undertaken by Emily in a new position, in which she identified the work analysts needed to do, training needs, and performance issues.

It was an extremely challenging time, workload was extensive and staff issues challenging and despite the constant adversity she continued to deliver. Emily is dynamic, innovative, supportive and extremely professional.

PC Alice Ward - Community service

Alice was instrumental in setting up a project that has revolutionised the way sexual exploitation is tackled in Peterborough.

Jamie Plastow.

Through partnership working, Operation Glacier safeguards and protects street sex workers and reduces the impact on the local community. Alice has worked tirelessly, often using her own time to attend meetings and has shown dedication and hard work, going that extra mile to achieve outcomes.

Chief Constable’s Commendations

DC Scott Bowden

Scott, along with a colleague who wanted to remain anonymous, conducted an excellent investigation which resulted in the safeguarding of children and a 15-year prison sentence for an offender. On 30 November last year, intelligence was received from the National Crime Agency regarding indecent images of children. They were tracked to a home where young children were living so the DCs were among a team who quickly made an arrest.

The DCs are commended for their investigative ability, tenacity and outstanding detective work, which saw them take swift action on intelligence and secure the evidence needed for a conviction.

T/DC Craig Trevor

Craig, and a colleague who wished to remain anonymous, were central to an investigation into vehicle crime which resulted in more than £1.8 million in stolen goods being recovered and prison sentences totalling more than 20 years.

He identified the issue and had begun to investigate before Operation Camacho was launched in May 2019. He investigated serious and complex offences, arrested suspects and secured charges and remands. It was the first operation contained solely within a non-detective team and led by uniform policing.

Several warrants involved more than 100 officers and there was close working with more than 14 other forces, ERSOU and the NCA. It resulted in more than 30 arrests and 30 charges and, as well as prison sentences, more than £120,000 of proceeds of crime orders were imposed. Craig is commended for showing exceptional investigative ability on a serious and complex crime series.

DC Louisa Abbott

DC Abbott is commended for her work on a challenging case which saw the conviction of a woman for soliciting to murder her ex-husband. The case, which resulted in the jailing of Victoria Breeden for nine-and-a-half years, was highlighted nationally on the popular 24 Hours in Police Custody television programme.

The detective skilfully built a compelling case when at first the evidence seemed weak. Witness enquiries took her right across the country and up into Scotland. Breeden was difficult to manage, highly manipulative and with many alleged medical issues but DC Abbott’s professionalism and patience were evident throughout.

Approaching trial, DC Abbott worked tirelessly, including on days off, to complete disclosure schedules and engage with CPS and prosecution barristers. At trial, she provided exemplary support to counsel and the resulting conviction meant the intended victim could sleep easier and feel safer.

DC Abbott received widespread praise for how she represented the force during an extremely challenging investigation, which would not normally be taken on by a local CID team. She is commended for her dedication, professionalism, tenacity and detective ability.

Judges’ Commendations and Public Bravery Award

Jamie Plastow

Jamie showed great bravery by stepping in to fight off a dog that was attacking a two-year-old girl. The large Tibetan Mastiff had escaped its home and attacked the girl on the afternoon of Tuesday, 5 May, 2020.

Her life was in danger as the dog repeatedly bit her face. Jamie was nearby gardening and heard the girl’s screams. He ran and tried to push the dog off. When this failed he began fighting the dog, which was bigger and heavier than him. He suffered bites to his back and scratch marks but it allowed the girl’s step-mother to grab the girl and call 999. Jamie continued wrestling with the dog until its owner eventually appeared and called it off him.

The girl almost lost her eye and had to have facial reconstructive surgery. She suffered multiple puncture wounds and tears and will be scarred for the rest of her life. If it was not for Jamie’s brave and selfless actions the girl may have been killed.