Peterborough’s Oakham Ales works ‘flat out’ to roll out the barrels as pubs reopen

A Peterborough brewery is working flat out to help quench customers’ lockdown thirst as pubs reopen after the Covid closure.

Oakham Ales in Maxwell Road, says its brewers have been operating at maximum capacity to ensure pubs and other hospitality businesses are fully supplied for the two phase reopening.

Under the Government’s recovery roadmap, pubs were allowed to reopen their outside areas from Monday with a full reopening planned for May 17.

Managing director Adrian Posnett said: “With the pubs closed for eight months out of the last 12, it’s been a long drawn out challenge for a brewery like ourselves which in normal times would count on around 75 per cent of our production being draught beer.

Adrian Posnett, managing firector of Oakham Ales at Woodston EMN-200219-160426009

“It’s a big positive that the reopening pathway for hospitality venues was on schedule.

“We do have our fingers very firmly crossed that all goes well and that the industry can progress to a full reopening as soon as possible – it’s only a full re-opening that will allow us to get back to more normal sales levels and to begin to stabilise our hard-hit finances.”

He added: “It’s been great to see our brewers working flat out again, brewing the full range of our cask beers as we’ve built our stocks back up.

“Unlike many brewers, we have managed to keep cask beer in stock and available throughout the last 12 months – it’s a tribute to their popularity that beers like Citra, JHB, Inferno and Bishops Farewell have been go to beers for many customers even when they’ve been restricted to takeaway/delivery sales only.”

Beers at Oakham Ales.

“Our range of stronger cask aged beers, including our flagship Green Devil IPA - twice World Champion cask Beer - have also been really popular during lockdown.

“It’s also had a huge impact on our customers and we do fear that the last year will have severe long term implications for many pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.

“We also need to be a little cautious in terms of our expectations for the reopening of the pub gardens.

“It’s rather chilly at the moment to say the least and typical UK April weather isn’t always the most inviting in terms of outdoor socialising.

“Having said that, many of our customers have made heroic efforts to make their outdoor areas as sheltered and comfortable as possible, so let’s hope their efforts get the rewards they deserve.