Opening of the Inspired Playtown at Hampton. Children in the play supermarket

Peterborough's new role play centre makes dressing up fun for kids

Inspired Playtown has police and fire stations, hospital, salon, cafe, supermarket and dog parlour for kids aged 0-6

By Brad Barnes
Sunday, 24th April 2022, 5:00 am
Updated Monday, 25th April 2022, 12:51 pm

A new centre for role playing youngsters has opened in a former gym in Hampton.

Inspired Playtown, in Phorpres Way, has seven different settings, where children can get dressed up and act out different roles.

There are little uniforms in the police station and fire station and the supermarket has a till, conveyor belt and packed shelves.

There is also a hospital, hair salon, dog grooming parlour and a cafe.

Manager Nisaa Brown said: “It is great fun for children aged up to 6. Each room is filled with items you would expect to find in the real thing – like the till and the food packets in the supermarket – and there are little jackets and things for them to wear and become the person who works there.

"When they go to the police station there are even clues for them to follow like detectives.”

Inspired Playtown also has a softplay area for under-threes and for older children who tag along with siblings there is a games lounge with board games and consoles.

Mayor of Peterborough Steve Lane attended the opening – as did some firefighters from a real fire station.

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