Peterborough United fans gives mixed reaction to model for new stadium

Peterborough United fans have mixed feelings after Posh released images of a stadium in Hungary which will be a model for their new ground.
The Groupama Arena in Budapest. Copyright: Lagardere Sports HungaryThe Groupama Arena in Budapest. Copyright: Lagardere Sports Hungary
The Groupama Arena in Budapest. Copyright: Lagardere Sports Hungary

Senior figures at the club have been impressed by the Groupama Arena in Budapest, the home of Ferencvárosi TC, which they hope to use as an inspiration when moving to a new stadium, probably on the Embankment.

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The stadium design allows for a large number of non-football events to be held, including conferences, exhibitions and stadiums.

Below are some of the comments on the Peterborough Telegraph’s Facebook page in response to the photos.

Dean Musgrave: Looks like a giant cucumber

Gary Willerton: Yeah but ours will be the Lidl version

Jade Leanne King: It looks like a plastic bubble bag from the 90’s!

Neil Johnson: The above comments are exactly why I get frustrated being a Posh fan. Embrace it, dont knock it

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Luca Rocco Palumbo: Drove past this stadium last week on my way in to the city it looks amazing

Ronnie Baker: What exciting times await us , get it built UTP

David Jackson: Don’t like it? Don’t visit it and close your eyes when you go past, easy as that ,, market town mentality

Ryan Jupp: Stadium looks stunning, a few tweaks for us & it’s look brilliant

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Tony Rolph: I think it’s marvellous and ambitious I really don’t know why there is all this negativity, it’s time we championed Peterborough as it always gets such terrible press, it’s a really lovely City and well done Peterborough if they pull it off

Wayne Clark: Fantastic, bring it on!!

Chris Shabz Tennant: That will look Awesome in Blue UTP

Daniel Sutton: Anyone else think that it looks like an inflatable mattress ?

Des Pullar: It could well be a great thing for the city, plenty of people visiting for non football events too bringing money in.

Andy Reinis: State of some of these comments new stadium would be a massive asset for the city as a whole let alone for Peterborough United.

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City centre location is perfect, parking and transport links across Peterborough and the surrounding area, and the UK as a whole within a short walk.

What’s not to like?!

Darren Ellis: What would be really excellent is if we can squash this in to the heart of the city centre so we can ensure that all of the road networks and access to businesses is screwed up as much as possible.

Lee O’Callaghan: Looks absolutely amazing, gives us a stadium and infrastructure to be proud of UTP

Malcolm Smart: yes looks really nice looks like a up to date design as we need a knew modern feel to the city .

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Stuart Aldridge: A stadium like this would bring more people, england games could be played here, we lost out last time because the size of london road was to small.

The best place would have been east of england show ground, but the council did not want it, as they would lose out on money from parking and shops around.

David Gray: Absolutely fantastic! What a great addition to the city. The Posh owners are to be congratulated.

Mark Feltham: Looks awesome.

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