Peterborough Hindus come together to celebrate festival of Navaratri

Visitors had the chance to take part in a number of activities during nine day celebrations

Peterborough Hindus came together to celebrate a special festival this week, with several days of festivities at The Cresset.

The nine-night festival of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga – a reincarnation of ‘Adi Shakti’, where each night represents one of her nine manifestations, takes on unique customs and traditions in different regions, each offering a deeper connection to the divine

To celebrate this special festival in style, Bharat Hindu Samaj (Hindu Temple Peterborough) organised a nine day celebration in The Cresset.

Stalls were set up, with decorations of goddesses placed around the hall in Bretton.

There were also enthusiastically sung ‘Aartis’ – Songs praising the goddess, supported by musical instruments and colourful ‘thals’ – plates containing Lights formed part of ‘Poojas’ – Prayers, carried out during the start and end of celebrations every evening.

The heart of the Navratri festivities is the energetic dance form known as Garba, which involves intricate footwork, twirls, and rhythmic claps.

Visitors also performed Dandiya – typically performed in a large circle or line formation. Participants dance with a pair of wooden sticks (known as "dandiyas") in each hand, which are used to strike the sticks of their dance partner or others in the group in rhythm with the music.

The celebrations were attended by a number of VIPs, including the Mayor and Mayoress, High Sheriff, MPs, Councillors,and police officers, with many dignitaries taking the opportunity to try out the Garba and Dandiya.

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