Peterborough has been recognised as a Fairtrade city

Fairtrade city statusFairtrade city status
Fairtrade city status
Peterborough has been granted Fairtrade city status after an eight year campaign.

For towns, boroughs and cities to receive this status, they must first draw an action plan and meet five goals to be recognised as a Fairtrade city.

The group had to prove rigorously their effect and change for fair-trade across the city including: having council representation, having the council pass a motion to support Fairtrade, inclusion of schools and faith groups promoting Fair Trade. A number of shopping outlets and caterers pledged to support Fair Trade, so they were readily available to Peterborough residents.

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Being given Fairtrade status means that the city recognises and supports farming in developing countries and pledges to help sustainability in trade.

A spokesperson for the Fairtrade Peterborough group: “It’s been an exciting journey to achieve Fairtrade City status for Peterborough, we could not have done it without the support from local businesses, schools, places of worship and people of Peterborough.”

Adam Gardner, Acting Head of Campaigns at the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “We are delighted to welcome Peterborough to the Fairtrade movement which now boasts more than 2,000 communities worldwide, taking practical steps to making a fairer world trade system a reality.”

“This is such an exciting achievement for the city, and one that really shows the dedication and hard work of everyone who has contributed towards making this accolade possible,” explains Karen Igho, Health and Wellbeing Lead at PECT, and Fairtrade Steering Group member. “Peterborough and its residents can be proud to have earned this status.”

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Over 600 communities across the UK have achieved the status since 2001. Peterborough now joins the list of Fair Trade cities and towns including neighbouring Cambridge and Stamford.

To celebrate the achievement, a special Fairtrade Evensong will take place on November 13, 5.30pm at Peterborough Cathedral, attended by the Mayor of Peterborough and Gillian Beasley, Chief Executive of Peterborough City Council. The event is open to all.

Find out more about the campaign in Peterborough by visiting or via social media channels.