Parents angered by cost of uniform at Peterborough secondary school

Angry parents claim they will be left out of a pocket after a city secondary school changed its uniform policy.

Friday, 12th July 2019, 9:19 am
Hannah Forman with son Riley

Nene Park Academy is demanding that from September pupils have trousers and skirts with the school logo on them, despite parents already forking out for branded ties, jumpers and PE kit.

The academy in Oundle Road insists it will help parents with budget pressures, but many are fuming that they will have to fork out £17.50 for a single pair of trousers - when they could by a plain pair £10 cheaper - or £18 for two skirts.

Moreover, they are annoyed the clothing is only available from Chromasport.

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Hannah Forman will have children Charlie and Riley going to the academy next year.

She said: “I can’t afford to pay £17.50 for a pair of trousers. I don’t think they’ve looked at the area the school is placed in before making the decision. It’s Orton, not Longthorpe.’’

Jo Lewis’ daughter Imigen Goldsmith is heading into Sixth Form next year. Jo said: “I expect some items to have logos which I support, but it’s nearly the whole uniform.

“It’s leaving parents no option but to get the whole uniform from Chromasport. There’s not even two places to go to get competitive prices. It’s a complete monopoly.

“I completely support them when they say students need to look smart, but I feel parents are being punished.”

Lauretta Burdge said: “I can go to George at Asda and buy a pair for £7.50 which is good material. It’s a big price change when you have to buy three to four pairs.”

Gina Greensmith from Hampton, whose son Adam Martin is going into Year 8, said: “When they announced it parents were in uproar. The logo that needs to be on the trousers won’t be seen because the jumper covers it.”

“It should not have to cost us £100 every year to buy uniform. If he has a growth spurt I will have to get two more pairs of trousers.”

The academy said pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 can get a £2.50 discount on their first pair of trousers, while trousers for Year 11 pupils can be bought elsewhere as long as they are taken to Chromasport for a logo to be added on.

Principal Rob Grover said the school is “committed to supporting parents”.

He added: “We have high expectations and standards in all areas of the school, and our students demonstrate this through wearing their uniform correctly and with pride.

“Students will now wear a consistent type and style of trouser or skirt from September.

“This is a similar policy to many other secondary schools across the city and it means parents and students can be confident in knowing they will be wearing the right type and style of clothing that we expect.

“All items are available from Chromasport at the same prices as other schools in the city, however, we understand the concerns of our parents and encourage them to contact the school or Chromasport who are committed to supporting parents and working with them to ensure their child meets the uniform requirements.”

The school said neither itself or Chromasport is paying the other as part of the deal.