National Pizza Day

Head out to one of the city’s fab Italian eateries and give your taste buds a treat on February 9

You can forget Pancake Day, and give Valentine’s Day a swerve; February’s real numero-uno feast day is about to drop – and it’s the best of the lot.

That’s right, it’s National Pizza Day 2024 on February 9, so make sure your scissors are ready, and that those pizza cutters are close to hand.

Though there is not (yet) a by-law commanding us all to take advantage of the many fine Italian eateries with which Peterborough is blessed on this special day each year; it is surely a given that a large number of us will be treating our taste buds at a local pizza restaurant this Friday.

But where to go?

Don’t worry; we’ve got that covered.

Check in with one of these ten top-drawer eateries this Friday night and you’ll be sure to celebrate National Pizza Day in good style.

Ciao bella!

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