Hundreds attend Peace Parade in Peterborough to celebrate birth of Prophet Muhammad

Procession takes scores of people from Aldermans Drive to Faizan e Madina Mosque

Hundreds of worshippers took part in a major parade through Peterborough to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad – and the contribution to Peterborough made by a community leader.

The Peace Parade started at Aldermans Drive, and took scores of worshippers from across the country through the city on Sunday, July 30.

The parade finished at the Faizan e Madina mosque in Gladstone Street at 1:30 p.m. where speeches on the life of Prophet Muhammad were held.

The event was also celebrated the life of Sufi Mohammmed Yousuf.

Arshid Kayani, from the organising group, said: “The fundamental reason for the procession is highlighting the community work that the late Sufi Mohammmed Yousuf did in his lifetime. He specifically left his family and friends, to come to Peterborough, to set up a space for youth and adolescent groups and impart knowledge of good morals, virtues and standards for everyday life.”

"Shaykh Sufi Mohammed Yousaf was quoted as saying that it is a greater part of one’s faith to help your neighbour, and to treat others as you treat yourself. His life and legacy is being continued by daily gatherings of young students by Sufi Mohammed Awais Sahib of Aldermans Drive and countless other students of Shaykh Sufi Mohammed Yousaf.”