Funding boost for Peterborough church

A Peterborough church has been given a funding boost to allow emergency repairs to be carried out.
Fr Adam SowaFr Adam Sowa
Fr Adam Sowa

St Peter and All Souls in Peterborough has won a grant of £20,000 from Historic England to carry out vital work which will include works on the drains, as well as an asbestos refurbishment survey.

Parish Priest Fr Adam Sowa said: "For some years, the parish of St Peter and All Souls, with the assistance of the Diocese of East Anglia, have embraced the costly and onerous task of repairing the subsiding church building. The Diocese appointed the construction engineers, Canham Consulting, conservation architects Caroe Architecture as well as a fundraising consultant, to assist the parish in raising the funds and keeping the momentum going.

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"The total project cost would be over £1 million, and it would completely surpass the resources of the parish; therefore, it needs to come to completion in little steps. The recent Covid-19 period did not completely stop many efforts to realise this worthy project, but slowing it down gave the parish time to think it through more deeply. Also, the Steering Group and the diocese made more applications for funding.

"I am delighted that we have been successful with our grant application to Historic England, which awarded our parish with £20k this month (January)."

"This generous grant will pay for an asbestos refurbishment survey to enable future necessary works to the church. It will also pay for clearance of rainwater goods as well as for a surface water drain survey to identify location and condition. Remedial works to drains, as identified in the survey, will be covered by the grant, too.

"The Parish Steering Group is meeting via Zoom online to consider the next steps and how our parish can help to further the reparation of our beautiful church building. The parish Finance and Resources Committee is also meeting on regular basis to keep the parish solvent and plan for the future."