Foundation in memory of beloved Peterborough father feeding vulnerable children this half term

The Brotherhood Foundation is preparing and delivering meals this week to help feed vulnerable children across Peterborough.

By Ben Jones
Wednesday, 28th October 2020, 3:34 am
Brotherhood FC sunday league football team
Brotherhood FC sunday league football team

The charity was set up last year in memory of Glenn Boocock, who died in June last year, two weeks after an incident outside O’Neill’s pub in Broadway. It is run by his childhood friends, with the aim of installing defibrillators across the city to help save lives. They have raised tens of thousands of pounds so far and have been able to install the life saving devices outside of the Lime Tree in Walton and the Parkway Sports & Social Club on Maskew Avenue.

Following the rejection of the proposal to extend the free school meals scheme across the half term holidays in parliament this week though, they turned their attention to helping vulnerable children across the city.

The idea was first mentioned by Reece Kenton on Friday (October 23), who is being supported by the players from the Brotherhood FC Sunday morning football team and the staff of food outlet Wing Packz, at the Parkway Sports Club.

The Brotherhood Foundation is putting together food parcels and offering help with other household essentials throughout the week. The charity is also cooking hot meals and offering delivery across Peterborough twice each day. To get in touch, message the Brotherhood Foundation Facebook page.

The Brotherhood team were set up recently in Glenn’s honour as he was a keen footballer, playing for a number of teams in the Peterborough area, most notably Lime Tree UTR in the Peterborough District Football League.

Aaron Parker, who is a founding member of the Brotherhood Foundation and owner of Parkway Sports Club, said: “The other teams are all Peterborough based and a lot of other players knew Glenn, and there is a lot of respect between our games. There is no rivalry and it is all about keeping it friendly and the game which Glenn was so passionate about.”

“We set up the team so we can stay together as a group of friends and where lads that knew Glenn can come together.

“We have 25 players so far and we had so many wanting to be a part of it! It’s also an extra way to share our charity name. We played Whittlesey last week and they asked ‘what we are doing’ so it helps to share with people in other areas what the charity is about.

Volunteers from the Brotherhood Foundation shop for items to go into food parcels

“As Glenn’s team number was number eight, we have chosen to retire the number. When the new kit arrives, we’ll put his name on the back of the eight shirt and we are planning on giving it back to his family.

“It’s also been a way of helping to fundraise as we’ve been unable to put on our planned charity events so this is a new push for us. Next year we will be pushing for more charity events as the Brotherhood Foundation and the football team and we hope to climb Ben Nevis as the whole team.

“It’s been great for all of us to have something as an output for our mental health and have a good laugh together.”

Within 24 hours, the charity had already received over £900 in donations and nearly 10 bags of shopping.

Following further donations, including £100 from the players and management ay Yaxley FC, they had enough to create food parcels to be delivered across Peterborough. They are also cooking hot meals, such as pasta bakes and curries, to be delivered between 12am and 2pm and 5pm and 7pm each day.

Aaron added: “All of us at Brotherhoods are like family and we’ve all got kids and know people less fortunate than ourselves. We are only too happy to help others, we’ve got deliveries in Bourges Boulevard, Orton, Spalding, Fletton, all over the place.

“There’s nothing worse than the idea of children not getting fed. We know that some people don’t like to ask but it doesn’t matter, if you need help you need help and we will be there for you. We hope we can put a smile on the faces of some people at this tough time.”

To make on donation or to access support you can message the Brotherhood Foundation Facebook page, click here.