Families share adoption stories as part of campaign to encourage more people to adopt youngsters

Families have shared their stories of adoption to encourage more people to sign up to adopt youngsters in the city.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 4:45 am
Families have shared their stories of adoption

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Adoption have shared the stories as part of National Adoption Week (18 – 23 October 2021).

National Adoption Week is a nationwide campaign which plays an essential role in raising awareness of the number of vulnerable children who need adoptive families, dispelling myths about who can adopt a child, and promoting the types of support that are available to adoptive parents throughout their journey.

Some children in need of adoption have additional emotional, medical, or physical needs.

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One adoptive parent, who welcomed two children with disabilities into their family, joining their three birth children, said: “Our children all have unique, close bonds. They argue and make up like all siblings do but guaranteed wherever one is, the others are never far behind.

“Ultimately, the journey to becoming a family doesn’t alter your feelings in the end. Birth or adopted, all of our children are so ours, equally cherished and adored.”

People of any cultural or ethnic background, gender identity or sexuality can adopt, as long as they can provide a stable, safe and loving home.

Two former secondary school teachers in a same sex relationship spoke about their adoptive daughter.

They said: “Being in a same sex relationship meant adoption was the natural step in starting a family.

“We now have our daughter and know that we have made the best decision ever. We want her to own her journey, know how special she is and be able to live life confidently being proud of her identity and background.”

Adoptive parents can also be single, married or in a civil partnership, or in a long-term stable relationship.

A single adoptive parent said: “He has changed so much in such a little time - and is growing up too fast! I can see he is turning into such a lovely, warm, and kind soul who charms anyone he meets. He’s settled into his new family and is doing so well at home and at school. I’d fully advocate the adoption process to anyone thinking about it.”

Councillor Lynne Ayres, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for children’s services said: “We need families from all backgrounds to offer loving, stable homes for children and young people in the Peterborough area. This wonderful campaign shows that all that matters is that an adoptive parent it patient, committed and motivated.”

To read more about these real adoption stories, please visit the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Adoption website’s news section at https://www.cpadoption.co.uk/news

To find out more about the National Adoption Week campaign, search for the hashtag #YouCanAdopt on social media.

If you believe you can adopt a child and provide a loving, safe and stable home, call 0300 123 1093, email [email protected] or by visiting the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Adoption website.