Crime in Peterborough rises by 14 per cent over a year with the largest increase in sexual offences

Stalking and harassment offences are up 10 per cent

Crime across Peterborough rose by more than 14 per cent last year – with sexual offences making up the largest increase, according to new figures.

There were 22,386 offences of all types recorded in Peterborough in the year to March – up from 19,718 in the previous 12 months.

That is a rate of 110.5 crimes per 1,000 people – higher than the 89.3 rate across England and Wales.

New police figures show that crime in Peterborough has risen by 14 per cent over a year (image: Adobe Stock)

The statistics show there were 842 were sexual offences – an increase of 29 per cent on the year before.

Violent crime has risen across the city up from 7,704 to 8,792 over the same period with this increase driven by a rise in violence with injury, which went up by 24 per cent, from 1,568 incidents to 1,941.

And theft offences rose by 11 per cent, with 6,177 incidents recorded in the 12 months to March.

Crimes recorded in Peterborough included:

842 sexual offences, a rise of 29 per cent. 2,451 stalking and harassment offences, up 10 per cent 8,792 violent offences, a rise of 14 per cent. 2,332 incidents of criminal damage and arson, up 10 per cent. 253 possession of weapons such as firearms or knives, up five per cent. 2,513 public order offences, up 28 per cent. 6,177 theft offences, a rise of 11 per cent. 632 drug offences, down 12 per cent.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has been contacted for a response to the figures which have been released by the Office for National Statistics.

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