Woods’ win wasn’t even the greatest comeback in golf and more crybaby cricketers

Tiger Woods celebrates his Masters win.Tiger Woods celebrates his Masters win.
Tiger Woods celebrates his Masters win.
As usual the rush to claim everything that happens now is better than anything that’s happened in the past accompanied Tiger Woods’ win in the Masters.

I can’t say I like the man much, but there’s no denying he’s probably already delivered the sporting story of the year, unless Posh win the League One play-offs of course. The Masters is one of the great sporting events and a win for Woods at the age of 43 after all he’s been through is a wonderful achievement.

But the truth is it’s not the best sporting comeback of all-time, it’s not even the best comeback in golf as that belongs to Ben Hogan who won majors 12 months after almost dying in a car crash. Woods has returned from back surgery which was no doubt painful, but hardly life-threatening.

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And Niki Lauda won a Formula One title 18 months after he was placed in a coma after an horrific crash in the German Grand Prix.

Jofra Archer.Jofra Archer.
Jofra Archer.

Now I love watching golf, but the danger element is limited to falling in a lake.

Well done Tiger, but the media hype was predictably over the top.


I see England’s one-day cricketers are starting to cry over the possibility of losing their World Cup place this summer to Jofra Archer.

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Niki Lauda (left).Niki Lauda (left).
Niki Lauda (left).

Mark Wood and Chris Woakes, two players whose fitness can’t be trusted anyway, have had their say in what appears suspiciously to be an orchestrated attempt to look after their mates.

Now I disagree completely with the decision to turn a West Indian cricketer into an English one on the basis of soft international qualification rules, but if he’s available and he’s better than some currently in the squad he should be selected.

Sporting squads evolve. They should never be a closed shop.

I’d rather favourites England won a home World Cup with Archer than lost it because of loyalty trumping ability.