Taking a breather in Peterborough city centre - a Liverpool fan and his mum

Chris Porsz columnChris Porsz column
Chris Porsz column
It is different decades but similar location in Peterborough city centre with today’s photographs from my archives, write Chris Porsz, the Paramedic Paparazzo.

Both photos were taken outside what at the time was Lloyds bank (now a Starbucks, of course).

In the main image, you can clearly see the man’s scarf has the words Liverpool and champions on it – very topical given the club’s recent Champions League victory over Spurs.

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If I am not mistaken, I think that was his mum sitting next to him. It was taken in the early nineties, I think.

In the early eighties, I often saw the distinguished-looking man with the white stick I captured in the second photo, so I am hoping some readers will recognise him.