SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Fergie spoilt a great rant, Manchester City can't win this league, Big Bash is a big bore off, my hero was lucky

Darren Ferguson ranted at referees.Darren Ferguson ranted at referees.
Darren Ferguson ranted at referees.
It's a shame former Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson finished his accurate and entertaining character assassination of lower division referees by suggesting (in jest rather obviously) some officials should be '˜shot' last weekend.

That poor choice of language has become the story rather than the exposure of the lamentable quality of officials in Leagues One and Two.

I know there are shockers like Bobby Madley and Roger East operating at Premier League level, but, believe me, they would be more than welcome at the ABAX Stadium.

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Many of our regulars are unfit and those who can get around the pitch have poor eyesight, or so it seems. Consistency from decision to decision is usually a forlorn hope.

John Stones (right) is a rubbish defender.John Stones (right) is a rubbish defender.
John Stones (right) is a rubbish defender.


Exactly why Manchester City won’t win the Champions League was exposed to the rest of Europe last weekend, if they didn’t already know.

City’s excellence in possession has masked how poor the likes of John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi are at basic defending. Liverpool, even without Philippe Coutinho, showed them up just by rushing them. City also have no left-back. It will need a kind draw for City to make it past the quarter finals.


Record-breaker Jason Roy.Record-breaker Jason Roy.
Record-breaker Jason Roy.

The Big Bash is the most overrated tournament in cricket. Fair play to those who market a T20 which has no current world superstar in it and also few of the best Australian players. It’s repetitive, boring rubbish.