SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Punish the cheats properly, make fighters box to a standstill

Burnley manager Sean Dyche.
Burnley manager Sean Dyche.
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Burnley boss Sean Dyche makes a good point when stating penalties for divers, or cheats as I prefer to call them, are not severe enough.

Only if the simulation, or blatant cheating as it should be described, leads to a penalty or an opponent getting sent off can it be punished retrospectively by a suspension.

Hughie Fury was furious.

Hughie Fury was furious.

As a result Huddersfield cheat Rajiv van la Parra’s only punishment for cheating last Saturday was a yellow card as referee Chris Kavanagh spotted the offence and punished it.

Whether an act of cheating deceives a referee or not shouldn’t make a difference to the punishment issued.

Mind you when a Burnley player next cheats I trust Dyche will be equally angry.


More complaints about dodgy boxing judging, this time from Hughie Fury after losing his big fight against Joseph Parker last weekend. Mind you as Fury spent most of the bout avoiding contact he had little to complain about, but this is where boxing is now at. Maybe they should fight on until someone is knocked out, although in the Fury/Parker case they’d probably still be fighting now.


For Roger Federer’s ‘Ryder Cup’ of tennis to work in the long-term, there needs to be the drama of a close contest without the need for the contrived used in the first running of the event.

That won’t happen when the vast majority of the world’s best players are European.