Mature moggies are marvellous

Peterborough spokeswoman Sheridan Gaunt from Cats Protection

Saturday, 18th November 2017, 3:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 11:50 am
Sisters Aneesha and Mylee who need to be rehomed. Call 0345 371 2750 to find out more about them

Across the country Cats Protection is celebrating ‘Mature Moggies Week’ (November 13-19).

It is such a shame that older cats stay with us longer as they have a lot to offer. Their characters are fully formed, and you know what you are getting. Sure, kittens are cute, but they don’t stay kittens long and they aren’t the best mannered around the home!

But the most important reason to adopt a more mature moggie is: it might be their last chance.

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Used cats aren’t like used cars. They aren’t in our care because they are defective or worn out. They may have simply outlived their former owners or circumstances may have changed, leaving their owners heartbroken at having to rehome them. Sometimes cats get lost and if not microchipped end up in our care and some come in after a family member develops allergies, or an aversion to the family cat.

The fact of the matter is that these cats end up in our care due to no fault of their own. Separated from their loved ones, confused, and sometimes frightened, many are emotionally confused by their misfortune. Sadly, for the more mature moggie, most people who are looking to adopt tend to gravitate toward the adorable, bouncy, big-eyed kittens throughout the summer months or the younger fresher faced feline in the autumn and winter months. Older cats sit by and watch, as one loving family after another passes them by.

Younger cats will always be popular, and most have no trouble attracting admirers. But for the abandoned, forgotten, and heartbroken mature moggies, you just might be their last chance to have the love and warmth of a home where they can live out their years in comfort.

The benefits of adopting a more mature moggie are endless, they enjoy a quiet spot to settle in and sleep more, require less supervision, break fewer ornaments and plant pots, your Christmas tree is guaranteed to be upright and not persistently knocked over by inquisitive little paws!

They still love to play and enjoy a few short games each day and are just more respectful to your home!

Please consider adopting a mature moggie. When cared for properly, cats can live well into their late teens, and sometimes early twenties. Typically, they will remain active and playful throughout most of their lives.

Some may need a little extra patience while adjusting to a new home, but once they feel safe and secure again, they will give you years of faithful companionship and unconditional love.

All cats adopted from Cats Protection have been fully health-checked, vaccinated, neutered, treated for fleas and worms and four weeks’ free pet insurance which also covers new conditions.

To find out more about our mature moggies looking to find their forever homes, contact us on 0345 371 2750 or even better pop along to our next homing event.

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