LOOKING BACK: Why did the bishop cross the road?

Clerics on the crossing in 1991Clerics on the crossing in 1991
Clerics on the crossing in 1991
This week's pictures are a real odds '˜n' sods collection but are all fascinating in their own way.

The clerics on the zebra crossing are the Rev Jim Bates, vicar of St Mary’s Church, Eastfield Road, followed by Bishop Paul of Brixworth.

The picture was taken on November 16, 1991 for the dedication of the church.

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I love the bewildered look on the faces of the people waiting to cross.

Aftermath of the Sayles fireAftermath of the Sayles fire
Aftermath of the Sayles fire

I do wonder if the picture was stunted up by an inventive photographer and friendly churchmen. It certainly has echoes of the famous Beatles picture on Abbey Road.

The picture of the aftermath of the infamous fire which destroyed Sayles department store in Cowgate intrigues me.

I never knew the Volunteer Fire Brigade was housed next door. Was this building also damaged in the blaze and when did the brigade move to its present location?

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I love the picture of the proud rat catching team and their “trophies’’.

The council rat-catching team in 1942The council rat-catching team in 1942
The council rat-catching team in 1942

A note in pencil on the back of the photograph says it was taken in 1942 at offices in Station Chambers in St Leonards Street. The man third from right is identified as head rat catcher Harold Kew, and the man with the dog is Mr Dewhirt, pest officer for the council.

I suspect the real star of the show was that dog who looks like he would like to have a go at the photographer!

The final pictures are, I would guess, of members of the Fitzwilliam Hunt being inspected by the then mayor Cllr Charles Swift, which would date it to the early 60s.

Was it a tradition for the hunt to visit Cathedral Square/Market Place?

If you know any of the answers please get in touch?