Opinion: ‘Rescind this massive increase and make this collection free’

Peterborough Telegraph reader David Jarman questions the city council’s price rise for collecting two brown garden waste bins...

Saturday, 10th July 2021, 4:29 pm
The cost of brown bin collections in Peterborough has risen

Taken for a mug or just mugged!

I have two brown bins for garden waste. Last year I paid £45 for the collection service. This year Peterborough City Council (PCC) want £75 for the same service. That’s an inflation-busting 67 per cent increase! I wish my pension increase was the same.

Customer services at the council said this was to cover the costs of running the service including: “the cost of replacing the ageing fleet of collection vehicles” and the public had been consulted. That’s ok then.

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But no-one had bothered to consult me or I would have said the obvious: “That’s too much. Am I being taken for a mug or just mugged?”

What are the options?

You can use a car and go to the recycling centre. Not an option for many and bad for the environment.

You could have a bonfire and annoy the neighbours or even try dumping it which is, of course, illegal.

Bulky waste collection used to be paid for now it is free. Come on PCC, rescind this massive increase and make this collection free. There’s votes in it!

David Jarman- Peterborough

What do you think about the new charges fair of far too high? Email your views to [email protected]