LETTER: Peterborough community raising money to help victims

During the past few years the Rohingya Muslims in Burma are being systematically killed, their houses being burned in which many people have been burned alive, women being raped by the Burmese Army and Buddha community alike.

During the past few months the situation has become far worse which amounts to nothing short of genocide. 120,000 people are made to live in camps in terrible conditions and 75,000 people are fleeing to Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government is reluctant to accept them and sending them back to be burned alive. It is indeed very sad and most deplorable that the United Nations and world governments are totally silent about the whole situation.

The apologetic type of statement by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will have no effect on criminal minded people in Burma. The Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi who was herself detained for 15 years by the military rulers and received the Nobel Peace Prize has herself turned a blind eye to this worst human tragedy.

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We all condemn quite rightly when a few twisted minded terrorist kill a few innocent people, but here thousands of people are being killed, tortured, burned alive, women being raped and all this falls on deaf ears. We urge all the governments around the world, particularly Britain and other Western countries to act now to stop this genocide in Burma before it is too late. We, on our small part will be raising money soon to send to the victims in refugee camps.

Abdul M Choudhuri

Chairman Faizan e Madinah Mosque