LETTER: Peterborough city centre is boring and featureless

I have been a native/resident of Peterborough for most of my life, man and boy.

Saturday, 20th May 2017, 8:00 am

I know that it isn’t the worst city in our lovely land to live or come from. I was, incidentally, born in a Stanground house in 1964.

I am quite depressed at the boring and featureless heart of our once beautiful city.

I avoid the city centre like the plague because it has as much character as a sponge... too many same, similar shops/bars/eateries, many with pretentious-sounding names and ridiculously overpriced and uninspiring offerings.

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Far from being excited and in awe of the continuing tweaking and redevelopments of our infrastructure, I am saddened by the blandness of it all.

How much cash the bloomin’ council has squandered on revamping paving/seating and the like, I shudder to think.

Don’t get me started on the damned debacle duo of the fabulous fountains and the non-Chritsmas Christmas Cone (oh sorry, I meant tree).

Now we are being asked to elect a mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined.. a daft idea that will lead to more dire decisions methinks.

Stamford, King’s Lynn, Huntingdon are all more inviting and individual.

Andy Murdoch

Furze Ride