LETTER: Organisation at Peterborough Arena a joke - but people need to leave more time for traffic

DEAR EDITOR: The organisation at the Billy Connolly Show - Peterborough Arena - appears to have been an absolute joke. As we had a disabled member of our party, we left plenty of time to be able to get to the venue and to our seats, arriving at around 7pm.

Monday, 28th November 2016, 12:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 3:40 pm

When we were shown to our seats, I was disgusted with the “disabled seating arrangements”, all the space that had been allocated to a disabled wheelchair user was the space of a single fold down plastic chair would occupy.

I haven’t seen any (adult) wheelchair that would fit in that space which meant that any disable person who was unable to sit on the uncomfortable seating was in their chair, out in the aisle (effectively) for the whole performance.

We were constantly disturbed through the whole performance by people coming in late, which we later found out was being blamed on poor traffic management.

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Having not experienced any issues myself getting into the venue, and having a fairly smooth well organised exit from the venue, I cannot believe that this was the only issue.

I think that many people had taken for granted the fact that this event was “on their doorstep” and forgot to allow any additional time for parking/entry

That said, the seating was absolutely terrible. No one taller than 5ft 10 will have had a comfortable seat, and the prices of any refreshments were nothing short of extortion.

The event staff did not seem to have any idea where seats were in the event and had to walk up and down aisles with torches to find out where rows and seats were to try and seat latecomers.

Most events have a policy that if you turn up late, you are not let in until there is a suitable break in the performance. If only this had been employed then those that were there in plenty of time would have had a much more enjoyable evening.

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