LETTER: Convert Northminster car park into flats for the homeless

The Northminster multi-storey
The Northminster multi-storey
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Regarding the market car park, Peterborough should lead the way by showing nationally how multi-storey car parks structures can be converted to residential use and not merely demolished.

The concrete frame is of value and can be converted into much-needed flats for the homeless in Peterborough. Such apartments would be a better alternative to spending years redeveloping the site and selling it to rich people.

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Structural engineers’ reports should be obtained based on the question of how to convert the structure, not how to demolish it. That is easy for them to do and then take the money!

The existing building should be the subject of a design competition for developers, structural engineers and architects to come up with a sound proposal. I am sure something lovely can come quickly out of it.

Nigel Smyth

Hampton Hargate